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How to Sell a Broken Down Car for Cash?

All of us feel pains and aches as we get older. And our cars are no different in that respect. Perhaps that shiny new car that looked simply fantastic when you got your driving license does more grinding and groaning now than going somewhere, in such instances, selling your broken car for cash may provide you instant cash flow to use as a downpayment for your next vehicle.

Are you looking to sell a broken down or non-working car? If you are in San Diego or Riverside, California, then Quick Cash For Car is a fast service that buys your junk car and pays cash the same day, covering things like towing, DMV fees, storage, etc.

Did you total a car yourself? Maybe you inherited a car from a deceased or older relative that is more of an ornament than anything else. Now might be the time to say goodbye to that family hand-me-down. If you have a broken-down car, you may want to sell it for hard cash.

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But how can you get rid of a damaged vehicle or one that does not run? Follow these steps to get the best price.

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Determine the Value

The first step is to determine your car’s value is to request a quote from Quick Cash For Car’s online quote system. Other good places to start are online websites, such as  Kelley Blue BookNADAGuides, and If you have not done it already, you should get estimates regarding how much it would likely cost to repair the damage to your car.

Quick cash for junk cars
Quick cash for junk cars

Assessment of Your Broken Car

You should have a qualified and experienced mechanic inspect the car and provide you with a comprehensive report on the extent and type of damage.

It is important to determine what components and systems still work so that you’re always in the know. Keep in mind that a car with operation parts is definitely worth considerably more than a car that’s a complete write-off.

Repair Your Car

Do you want to make a little more money by selling it to a person looking to buy a vehicle that works well? If so, take some time in order to repair your vehicle. Did you know that in many cases, the total cost of repairing the vehicle will be about the same as its added-value after the repairs?

Clean Your Vehicle

You should remove all your personal belongings. And if there’s enough carpet or upholstery left to clean, wipe it down thoroughly and vacuum it.

Get Quotes

Are you finding it hard to get in touch with an individual, like a hobbyist, interested in purchasing your car? If so, you may want to consider selling your car to an auto salvage yard, online or locally.

It is best to call the local yards first and figure out how much they would like to pay for your car. After that, you may also call multiple online companies in order to see how much they are offering in comparison.

Everyone wants the best price for their broken car. Note that the best way to get it is to compare prices from several buyers.

Why You Should Avoid Selling to a Private Party

You may know that selling an older or broken-down car is usually not simple for most people. From placing an advert, and finding a reliable and reputable car buyer, to handling scheduling conflicts with buyers, it takes a lot of time and patience to sell a running car by yourself, let alone one that’s in less than pristine condition.

Also, keep in mind that private buyers and dealerships usually avoid broken, wrecked, and non-running vehicles as they can be pretty difficult to make a good profit from. And most private buyers are regular folks, which means that they may not want a damaged or broken car.

Why not Trade into a Car Dealer?

Maybe you thought of selling your vehicle to a dealership, while selling your broken car for cash can get you some leverage for you to get into your next ride. The dealer is most likely not going to give you the most money for your car if it’s not running.

You should know that a car dealership will not be able to resell a broken or old car. And that is not all; there is often a very high overhead. In other words, their cost of doing business, such as paying salaries, means that they have less money to offer you.

Excellent Ways to Sell Your Broken Car For Cash

Call Quick Cash For Cars at (619) 632-3180 or fill our online quote request to get an instant price quote to sell your car in San Diego or Riverside. Get Quote

Sell Your Car “As-Is”

Note that when you determine that the faults in your vehicle aren’t worth repairing, one of the best options is to sell your car As-Is. It is best to hire a vehicle assessor to find out the real value of your car.

 If you don’t have the money to hire an assessor, you should do some market research to determine the value of cars of the same make and model as yours. It would help if you also chose a suitable channel to advertise and sell your car.

Sell Your Broken Car as Scrap

It is crucial to know the extent of damage that your car has when you want to sell it for cash. Perhaps, the engine is broken down, or you may have a deformed body part. It is best to sell the car as salvage if it is destroyed beyond repair. If you want to get the optimum value for your car, you should price it depending on the degree of damage.

Final Thoughts

If your car is broken or beyond help and you would like the easiest and quickest solution to get rid of it, the best thing you can do is sell your car as it is to a reputable car buyer.  Quick Cash For Car offers cash for your broken-down vehicle.  

We specialize in purchasing broken-down cars for cash, and we do it on a daily basis. Unlike other buyers, we buy the cars outright for ourselves, and we pay cash the same day.

If you are looking to sell your broken down car and are not having luck finding a buyer or dealer willing to work with you, Quick Cash For Car wants to help. We will purchase your used or damaged car. So, what are you waiting for! Contact us today if you would like to know how much you can receive for your broken car.