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How to junk my car in San Diego?

junk my car

You’re looking to get into a new vehicle. New to you or brand new from the dealer, the first step is moving on from your old one. If you’re driving a car that has seen better days and the trade-in value is next to nothing, you may want to consider junking your car. Now, it doesn’t sound like the most glamorous option, but you’d be surprised just how simple and lucrative going the junk route can be! Quick Cash for Car is the easiest junk car removal option in the San Diego Area. All you need to do is reach out for an estimate and schedule a pickup to get cash for your junk car fast!

Call Quick Cash For Cars at (619) 632-3180 or fill our online quote request to get an instant price quote to sell your car in San Diego or Riverside. Get Quote

Skip the hassle!

Hey, life happens. Sometimes your car, which was running perfectly just yesterday, decides it’s time to call it quits. Sure, you could spend weeks trying to sell your car for parts and dealing with the circus that is the private party used car market. However, if your car has one wheel in the grave and you just aren’t interested in learning the market value of your used transmission, why not junk the whole car at once and be able to move on quickly? If a Craigslist buyer offering you $100 to “take the car off your hands” sounds appealing to you, by all means, wade into that sea. If you prefer to have a simple transaction that doesn’t insult the value remaining in your old car, look no further than calling Quick Cash for Car at (619) 632-3180 or filling out their estimate form. Your old, junk car shouldn’t hold you back! Let Quick Cash for Car take it off your hands for a price that actually feels humane.

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Why shouldn’t you look for a better estimate somewhere else?

Great question! The simple answer is you won’t find one! Quick Cash for Car guarantees that if you bring in a competitor’s estimate on the value of your junk car, they’ll beat it by 10%. That quote is set in stone and will not be lowered. Shop around San Diego to your heart’s content, but when you’re ready to get the maximum amount of money for your junk car, Quick Cash for Car is the only answer!

This car needs to be gone yesterday!

If your car is an eyesore or, even worse, genuinely unsafe to continue driving, you don’t want to look at it for one more second! Luckily, Quick Cash for Car can give instant quotes on certain vehicles. If you didn’t get an instant offer, don’t worry! Your non-instant offers are still processed with impeccable speed. These offers, again, are backed by Quick Cash for Car’s iron-clad guarantee. Calling (619) 632-3180 is another way to get an instant offer! No matter your vehicle’s specifications, Quick Cash for Car makes it easy for you to get a fair quote to remove your junk car and move on to your next ride!

You need the car gone yesterday but need the cash even faster.

Not a problem! Why choose another option and wait for a handful of “business days” when you can get a same-day cash offer for your junk car. Quick Cash for Car knows that you need the car gone and the money paid as soon as possible. Why wait longer for a lower offer? If Quick Cash for Car beats all estimates by 10% and gets you the cash on the same day, why wait any longer to junk your car?

Will the value of my instant quote really be what you give me?

Yes! Quick Cash for Car operates on integrity and providing a useful service that you want to recommend to your friends and family. Once you’re given your instant quote, you won’t be offered a dime less at pickup. There are only so many hours in a day, why spend any of them worrying about how to argue with the tow truck driver about the real value of your car? Quick Cash for Car guarantees that the amount of money you’re quoted initially will be the exact amount that you’re handed on pickup, with no fees for transport. Not only will it be exact, but it will also be a higher value than any other San Diego junk car buyer will give you. No other junk car buyer will provide better service or a higher price for your junk car.

What’s the value of my car?

The easiest way to determine this is with the appraisal options we talked about earlier. Instant cash offers are available to you! The actual price quoted will be determined by several factors that include size, type, condition, and usability. Naturally, a Chevy Silverado will tend to command more value than a Honda Civic. In terms of pure scrap value, the larger the car, the better. If you have a smaller car and are worried you won’t make any money junking it, don’t give up just yet! Depending on the usability of the parts in your car, you could still see some good value for it!

Plenty of perfectly usable parts end up in junkyards across America, with San Diego being no exception! If your car is in junk shape cosmetically but has an ever-reliable Honda engine or Toyota transmission in it, you potentially still stand to make good money on it. This is especially true if you drive a popular model car. Suppose you have a Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, or Ford F-150, the likelihood that a part that you have will be able to be given to a good, new home increases! 

Just because your car doesn’t drive as well as it used to, doesn’t mean all hope is lost! Cars receive mechanical and electrical transplants all the time, and the market for used auto parts isn’t going away anytime soon. Don’t know exactly what you have? Well, it couldn’t hurt to get an instant quote and see if you have a diamond in the rough that will take a chunk out of your next down payment!

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My car just doesn’t run at all. Will Quick Cash for Car still buy it?


 Absolutely! Quick Cash for Car buys all cars! It isn’t Quick Cash for Some Cars. Jeeps, Jaguars, or just junk, you can sell your car to Quick Cash for Car! If you know you can’t sell your car for any amount of money worth your time, junking your car for its scrap value is still a perfectly viable option. Too old or too ugly aren’t words used by Quick Cash for Car; get every dollar out of the car that you have left and find another car to fall in love with all over again. 

If your car is more than scrap value, but the engine went out, or it succumbed to weather or the whims of reckless drivers, you can still junk it! Did you get a car from a family member that you don’t want? Don’t know what to do with it? Quick Cash for Car buys those too!

My car isn’t a beauty queen, but it’s not ready to be scrapped either!

Not a problem! If your car is still alive and kicking, but you don’t want to try to sell it to a private party or get an abysmal trade-in value from a dealership, Quick Cash for Car will buy that too! Quick Cash for Car buys newer vehicles, used vehicles, and junk cars too! If you don’t want to deal with the hassles of cross-listing your car on four different sites only to get scammed with “too good to be true” offers and low-ballers who will “do you a favor” by offering half of what you’re asking, there’s a better option. Don’t think that you need to settle just because your car has life left in it. That only increases the likelihood that you have valuable parts or a car someone else is willing to fix!

You’ve got more important things to do than deal with people who don’t care about you getting a fair price for your vehicle. San Diego has too much to offer to waste time on buyers who won’t even show up or just show up to kick the tires. If you’re serious about getting a fair, top-dollar offer, Quick Cash for Car is a great way to sell your used, functional vehicle. 

It feels like a waste to scrap a useable car.

It would be! Luckily, you can feel good that just because you sell your car to Quick Cash for Car, doesn’t mean it will be demolished and left in a junkyard! Cars that go this route can serve a purpose in helping others find good, affordable parts for their own used cars. In some cases, if your car can run on its own or doesn’t need major work, it can be purchased by and worked on by someone else who will keep it on the road. No parts are wasted when you sell to Quick Cash for Car!

Don’t you have fees?

Fees? Why would you hand over your hard-earned money to be paid for your junk car? San Diego is one of the ten most expensive cities to live in in the United States. Even in the best of economies, living the San Diego lifestyle comes at a price. Does it seem fair to ask you to pay for your car’s towing fees? Would you pay the buyer’s moving costs if you were selling a house? If you prefer to pay fees to get cash for your junk car, Quick Cash for Car probably isn’t your best option. If you’re looking to get the most value possible out of your beater, you’re in the right place. 

Call Quick Cash For Cars at (619) 632-3180 or fill our online quote request to get an instant price quote to sell your car in San Diego or Riverside. Get Quote

What do I absolutely need to know?

The process of selling a car is stressful. This process is doubly so if you also need to buy another car on the back end of it all. It’s a painful truth, but not every buyer out there for your car has the most ethical approach. Whether it’s a classic bait and switch where your actual offer ends up lower than your initial one or just a complete scam run by someone wanting to take advantage of you, the car selling process is not always smooth sailing. If you don’t have the time or the patience to hope for a diamond in the rough to buy your car, selling it to Quick Cash for Car is the simplest, most time-effective option. Remember, Quick Cash for Car will buy your car at a higher rate than the competition. That rate is guaranteed from the moment you receive it! No matter the state of your car, Quick Cash for Car has an estimate for you! 

If you have a car that could still be roadworthy, don’t hesitate to get an estimate too! Whether it ends up being scrapped, turned into a parts car, or fixed by someone else to keep driving, your car will serve a vital purpose. Just because it’s the end of the road for you and your vehicle doesn’t mean it has to be the final end for your car! When you sell your car to Quick Cash for Cars, you can feel good knowing that even if your car doesn’t end up back on the road, it will be helping another one continue to be roadworthy for years to come!